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The Gold Imperium

The mission of KaratGold project is to create and develop a global infrastructure that will become a bridge between conventional and blockchain-based financial systems.
Nowadays, the foundation of the future global structure that will evolve into the stabilizing center of the world economy is being actively laid. The whole ecosystem is built around KaratGold Coin making it the center of the future economy built on blockchain technology.
Karat’s Gold Imperium is currently based on the following projects:
  • KaratBars GmbH
  • KaratGold Coin
  • KaratPay System
  • KaratCoin Bank
  • KaratBit Exchange

Turning words into action

IMPulse K1 Phone
with Voice-over-Blockchain Protocol (VoBP)
KaratBit Exchange
for seamless transfer between cryptocurrencies
as the software that allows online vendors to accept Bitcoin or Ethereum
with Voice-over-Blockchain Protocol (VoBP)
for seamless transfer between cryptocurrencies
as the software that allows online vendors to accept Bitcoin or Ethereum
for seamless transfer between cryptocurrencies
for seamless transfer between cryptocurrencies

Our Products

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IMPulse K1 Phone

Privacy is the New Order
Privacy-first smartphone with the unique Voice-over-Blockchain (VoBP) Protocol
Get the revolutionary cyber-protected, blockchain-enabled smartphone with built-in cold storage wallet and VoB technology.
The new IMpulse K1 Phone embodies a new way of telephone communication presented by Cryptodata.


Accept Crypto Payments just with a simple scan
Secure Payment Gateway
Accept crypto payments with a simple scan.
From now on, retailers and online shops worldwide can use the new crypto payment system for their own purposes. The central element of K-Merchant is the irreversible, booking- and certification-secure logging of the payment by the KaratGold blockchain.
A process flow via blockchains is unique, unmistakable and secure. The customer initiates a payment via K-Merchant, the system validates it and the process is completed – irrevocably and without costs.
Easy-to-Integrate Plugins
Start accepting cryptocurrency payments on your website with our customizable modules for the most popular e-commerce platforms:

Market Capitalization

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Team of KaratGold Coin
The people behind the global KaratGold ecosystem consists of passionate, highly skilled and experienced experts with deep knowledge of finance, management, technology, marketing etc. KaratGold advisors actively participate in the project’s development and help it succeed.
Harald Seiz was born in 1963 in Calw near Stuttgart, Germany and has been successfully working as a financial consultant since 1982. In 2011 he founded the Karatbars International GmbH in Stuttgart, of which he is the managing director. Since then he has consistently and successfully internationalized the business.
In 2016, he was awarded the Senatorial Degree by the Federal. Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade (BWA).
Andreas Zipperle
Chief Production Officer
Martina Tag
Chief Operation Manager
Anna Krimshtein
Legal Department
Ovidiu Toma
Telecom programming engineer
Andreas Houf
Master Consultant in Finance
Uwe Heller
Founder & COO InnPro GmbH Renewable Energies
Ute Sailer
Senior Sales Coordinator Photovoltaic and Real Estate, InnPro GmbH
Susanna Epli
Project Management Consultant
Sales Management Consultant
Nina Rezec
Managing Director Karatbars
International Dubai
Jeannette Franz
Head of Support & Communications
at Karatbars International GmbH

Our Publications

The Future of money
What is the future of money – a means of exchange, anonymous payment or an opportunity to hoard wealth? How will we pay in the future? What forms will digitization open up to us? And what forms could be forced on us by the state or circumstances, such as a crisis or catastrophe? Are you prepared if ATMs or online banking no longer function?
Publisher: FinanzBuch Verlag (2017)
ISBN-10: 3959720823
ISBN-13: 978-3959720823
Think Big
But Harald Seiz has even greater goals: A gold-based means of payment that is crisis-proof and will revolutionize our financial system. It is a mission for which he was smiled at at first. Today he is the market leader for innovative gold products. And yet Seiz still sees himself at the beginning: a payment system based on gold, gold mines and the foundation of a bank are only a few building blocks on the way to the top.
Publisher: FinanzBuch Verlag (2019)
ISBN: 978-3-95972-150-9

Invest in the future

We are proud to present a dedicated blockchain-based payment system allows easy and highly secure transactions with which gold can be moved from A to B. It also provides the opportunity to trade gold in conjunction with crypto currencies without the need for shipping or personal receipt at the counter. Through Gold Standard Banking Cooperate AG the gold and gold products as well as many different tailor-made packages can be traded or purchased and traded on more than 500,000 acceptance points worldwide or on one of the top 10 listed crypto exchanges trading the KaratGold Coin (KBC).
Karatbars International GmbH from Stuttgart revolutionizes blockchain technology and combines it with the oldest and most trusted value in the world - gold!
There are few companies that have recognized in time that the blockchain brings many advantages to the population and especially to their own customers. First and foremost, security, counterfeit protection, transparency and speed in the sense of real-time transactions should be mentioned.
Through the partnership of Gold Standard Banking Cooperation AG, Karatbars International GmbH gains stability in gold supply on an international level as well as regulation in the financial services sector. The result - security thanks to an multi billion asset. This is also the unique advantage of KaratGold Coin (KBC).
Starting from 4th July, 2019, KBC investors can exchange 100 KBC tokens directly to 1g of pure gold, making it the first digital currency that is actually convertible to a truly valuable asset. This exchange possibility will be made possible as part of a global Karatbars International’s promotion campaign, the Gold Independence Days, so that users can easily receive real gold in the form of CashGold at Karatbars’ own ATMs.

Media about KaratGold

Frequently asked questions

What is your mission?
Karatbars International GmbH and Goldstandard Bank will revolutionize the gold market with blockchain technology with a market capitalization of USD 100 billion by the end of 2020. Banks and online merchants have long recognized the value of virtual currencies like Bitcoin and are verifying their transactions faster than ever before. Now the blockchain technology is to be introduced into the gold sector as well and help the industry to new splendour.
How do you revolutionize the gold market?
About 27 billion dollars of gold change hands every day. However, it often takes several days for the money transaction to be confirmed, which takes up a lot of time in daily gold trading. Within just a few hours, the price of gold can rise or fall to such an extent that both the buyer and the seller run a high risk every minute that passes. Thanks to blockchain technology, transactions will be more transparent, secure and faster. It is also intended to attract new investors to the gold market - which would be good for the industry right now! When it comes to transactions, blockchain technology can and will revolutionize the gold market.
What is KaratGold Coin?
KaratGold Coin (KBC) is the cryptocurrency powering the KaratGold global payment system. It is the main settlement unit for the operations in KaratPay, KaratCoin Bank, KaratBit, K-Merchant and other entities.
How to invest in KBC?
You can currently purchase KaratGold Coins (KBC) on these cryptocurrency exchanges: KaratBit, Bitforex, Coinbene, HitBTC, Coinsuper, Digifinex.
Who is Harald Seiz?
Harald Seiz is the founder and CEO of KaratBars and other KaratGold products. He’s been consistently and successfully internationalizing the business since 2011.
Why should I buy KaratGold Coins?
KaratGold is a world-class project with real assets, experienced team and proven track record. We deliver what we promise. Also, everyone who is familiar with the modern instable financial system understands that investing in gold will pay in the future.
What is the Gold Imperium?
The Gold Imperium is the name of KaratGold’s financial ecosystem backed by cutting-edge technologies. It currently includes Karatbars GmbH, KaratGold Coin, KaratPay System, KaratCoin Bank and KaratBit Exchange.